Butora Climbing Shoes: Ultimate Review


Ever pondered how climbers effortlessly cling to walls, almost like Spiderman? It could be their footwear choice! Today, I’m exploring the wonders of Butora climbing shoes, one of my top picks.

The Origins of Butora

Butora, which began in South Korea, has rapidly gained global traction. Founded by a former designer from another major climbing shoe brand, Butora focuses on blending innovation with affordability.

Unique Features of Butora Shoes

Material and Design

When talking about climbing shoes, the devil is in the details—or should I say, the design?

Rubber: Butora uses NEO Fuse rubber, known for its stickiness and durability. This rubber ensures excellent friction, which is vital when you’re trying to get a grip on a tricky hold. Also, the rubber’s thickness varies across models to cater to different climbing needs.

Uppers: The upper portion of many Butora shoes is made with synthetic materials, which means less stretch and a consistent fit over time. Some models use a combination of leather and synthetic, balancing comfort and performance.

Manufacturing Process: Butora emphasizes quality in every step. Their meticulous manufacturing process ensures every pair is crafted to meet high standards. Their commitment to innovation has led to designs that balance sensitivity and support.

Versatility and Performance

These shoes excel in versatility. Whether you’re tackling a tough boulder problem or spending the day sport climbing, Butora shoes hold their own.

Comfort and Fit

Ever felt like you’re trying to squeeze into Cinderella’s shoe? Not with Butoras. Their designs prioritize foot comfort, ensuring prolonged wear without pain.

Fitting Tips:

  • Measure your foot in the evening, as feet tend to swell during the day.
  • Consider the type of climbing. If you’re bouldering, a tighter fit might offer more precision.
  • If in doubt, consult Butora’s size guide or visit a local retailer to try on a pair.

Durability and Construction

Made from quality materials, these shoes are constructed for the long haul. You know, for those of us who can’t afford a new pair every month!

Performance Metrics

When evaluating Butora shoes, I used a simple rating system out of 10:

  1. Grip (9/10): Thanks to NEO Fuse rubber, these shoes offer exceptional grip on various terrains.
  2. Comfort (8/10): Once broken in, they provide a snug fit without causing discomfort.
  3. Versatility (8.5/10): Equally adept at both bouldering and sport climbing.
  4. Durability (9/10): They withstand regular climbing sessions, proving their resilience.

Comparing Popular Butora Models

Comparing Popular Butora Models

Acro vs. Endeavor

When deciding between the Acro and Endeavor climbing shoes, it’s important to consider the type of climbing you prefer. The Acro is specifically designed for steep terrain, offering specialized features that enhance performance on challenging inclines. In contrast, the Endeavor is a versatile, all-purpose climbing shoe suitable for various climbing styles and environments. Your choice should align with your preferred climbing terrain.

Narrow vs. Wide Fit

The fit of your climbing shoes is crucial for comfort and performance. Butora offers a range of shoes to accommodate different foot shapes, ensuring climbers can find the perfect fit. Whether you have narrow or wide feet, there’s a Butora shoe designed to provide a snug and supportive fit. This tailored approach to shoe fit enhances your climbing experience by ensuring comfort and stability, no matter your foot shape.

Top Butora Climbing Shoes

Butora Men’s Endeavor Rock Climbing Shoe

  • Colors: Sierra Gold, Sierra Gold – Tight Fit, Moss – Wide Fit
  • Sizes: Variety of sizes from 4.5 to 12, including wide and narrow options

Key Features:

  • Lining: 100% Organic Hemp for odor control and to minimize stretch.
  • Footbed: Split leather for comfort and enhanced performance.
  • Midsole: 3D injection-molded ABS for precise edging and torsion rigidity.
  • Tongue: Two-piece construction with breathable mesh for comfort and ventilation.
  • Closure System: Triple fork webbing for a custom fit.
  • Rubber: Butora NEO Fuse sticky rubber sole for excellent traction.
  • Special Attributes: The Endeavor is designed for all-around performance with a focus on comfort. It offers power and precision with a slightly asymmetrical toe shape. The different colors correspond to different fits (wide or narrow), ensuring a tailored fit for various foot shapes.

Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe – Men’s

  • Color: Orange/White
  • Sizes: 6 to 14, including half sizes

Key Features:

  • Upper Construction: Combination of soft synthetic and natural leather for performance and comfort.
  • Profile: Aggressively down-cambered, designed for steep sport climbing and bouldering.
  • Heel Rand: High-tensioned for power transfer to the front toe, enhancing edging capabilities.
  • Closure: Butora’s signature triple fork hook and loop strap for a snug fit.
  • Toe Patch: Large sticky rubber area for secure toe hooking in technical situations.
  • Special Attributes: The Acro is an advanced climbing shoe offering a perfect balance between comfort and technical performance, especially suitable for climbers with wider feet.

Butora Komet Climbing Shoe

  • Colors: Yellow, Mint
  • Sizes: Various, including narrow options, from size 4 to 7.5

Key Features:

  • Upper Material: Made from high-quality Italian suede.
  • Closure: Features a hook-and-loop closure system.
  • Midsole: Stiff, full-length ABS for added support.
  • Rubber: Equipped with 4mm Neo Fuse rubber for excellent grip.
  • Suitable for: Designed for climbing activities.
  • Special Attributes: The Komet is a value-packed, comfortable all-around performer. It has a neutral last shape accommodating various foot shapes, constructed with premium Italian materials and soft rand rubber.

BUTORA Women’s Endeavor Rock Climbing Shoe

  • Colors: Crimson – Wide Fit, Lavender, Lavender – Tight Fit
  • Sizes: Variety of sizes, including 4.5 Wide and 10.5 Wide

Key Features:

  • Rubber: Butora NEO Fuse sticky rubber for excellent traction.
  • Lining: Made with 100% Organic Hemp to control stretch and odor.
  • Footbed: Split leather footbed for enhanced comfort and performance.
  • Midsole: 3D injection-molded ABS midsole for precision edging and torsion rigidity.
  • Closure System: Triple fork webbing for a customizable fit.
  • Special Attributes: The Endeavor is designed for all-around performance with comfort. It features a slightly asymmetrical toe shape that follows the natural line of the foot. Its unique construction and design make it a solid choice for climbers seeking a great all-around shoe.

Butora Acro Tight Fit Climbing Shoe – Blue/White 8 Narrow

  • Care Instructions: Machine washable
  • Materials: Leather and rubber sole, German split-leather upper, nylon mesh tongue with silicone sponge
  • Closure Type: Pull on with hook-and-loop closure

Key Features:

  • Upper Material: Made of German split-leather and nylon mesh with silicone sponge for comfort.
  • Closure: Hook-and-loop for a secure fit.
  • Midsole: Features a 3D injection-molded design.
  • Rubber: Equipped with butyl Butora F5 rubber for excellent grip.
  • Profile: Downturned for superior performance on steep routes.
  • Special Attributes: Designed for narrow feet with an aggressive asymmetry, it excels in steep sport routes and technical boulder problems. The shoe includes a polyurethane strip and extended toe rubber to reduce stretching and enhance toe hooking.

BUTORA Women’s Endeavor Rock Climbing Shoe

  • Colors: Crimson – Wide Fit, Lavender, Lavender – Tight Fit
  • Sizes: Various options, including 4.5 Wide and 10.5 Wide

Key Features:

  • Rubber: Butora NEO Fuse sticky rubber for improved traction.
  • Lining: 100% Organic Hemp to control stretch and odor.
  • Footbed: Split leather for comfort and performance.
  • Midsole: 3D injection-molded ABS for precision edging and torsion rigidity.
  • Closure System: Innovative triple fork webbing for a customized fit.
  • Special Attributes: The Endeavor offers all-around performance with comfort. It has a slightly asymmetrical toe shape that aligns with the natural foot line. The shoe is designed to provide power and precision for climbers.

Brand Comparison

In the world of climbing shoes, competition is stiff (pun intended!).

In the world of climbing shoes, competition is stiff (pun intended!).

La Sportiva: Known for their performance-oriented design. Butora matches up well, especially when considering the price-to-performance ratio.

Scarpa: While Scarpa is renowned for comfort, Butora doesn’t lag far behind, and often at a more pocket-friendly price.

Evolv: Both brands target a similar market segment, with Butora slightly edging out in terms of durability based on user feedback.

Personal Experience with Butora

Let me tell you, the first time I wore my Butoras, it felt like a match made in heaven. The grip, the fit, the feel—it was all perfect!

Why Butora Over Other Brands?


In comparison to other brands, you get premium quality without the hefty price tag. So why not?

Aesthetics and Design

They’re not just functional—they’re pretty stylish too! Climbing has never looked so good.

Climbing Disciplines

Each climbing discipline demands different things from your shoes. Let’s break down how Butora shoes perform across various disciplines:

Trad Climbing: When you’re crack climbing and jamming your foot into crevices, you want a shoe that’s both protective and sensitive. Butora models with thicker rubber and a snug fit can offer that much-needed balance.

Slab Climbing: Here, you’re dealing with near-vertical or less-than-vertical rock faces. The flatter profiles of certain Butora models, combined with their sticky rubber, provide the friction necessary for slab routes.

Overhangs: Climbing overhangs or roofs requires aggressive shoes with a downturned shape. Butora’s Acro series, with its aggressive downturn, is a top choice for these gravity-defying moves.

Situations Best Suited for Butora Shoes

Situations Best Suited for Butora Shoes

Outdoor Climbing

With superior grip, they’re fantastic for tackling real rocks.

Gym Climbing

Their durability ensures they can handle the gym‘s abrasive holds.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Butora isn’t just about making climbing shoes; they’re about making a difference.

Sustainability: They emphasize using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. This means less waste and reduced environmental impact.

Ethical Manufacturing: The brand is committed to fair labor practices, ensuring their employees are treated right and work in safe conditions.

Community Engagement: Butora often supports climbing communities, sponsoring events and promoting responsible climbing practices.

Price-to-Value Ratio

When investing in climbing shoes, you want the best bang for your buck, right?

With Butora, you’re not just paying for a shoe; you’re paying for innovation, quality, and a brand that stands behind its products. Compared to other high-end brands, Butora often comes in at a more affordable price point. However, this doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. Their durability ensures that you won’t be running back to the store every few months.

Climbing Shoe Technology

Climbing Shoe Technology

Butora is at the forefront of climbing shoe technology.

NEO Fuse Rubber: This innovative rubber compound offers exceptional stickiness and durability, ensuring climbers get the grip they need.

Triple Fork Design: Seen in models like the Acro, this design ensures the shoe contours to your foot, maximizing contact with the rock.

No-Edge Technology: By reducing the amount of dead space under your toe, Butora climbing shoes offer increased sensitivity and allow climbers to get closer to the rock.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Increase your shoes’ lifespan by cleaning them regularly and avoiding extreme temperatures. Oh, and let them air out after each session!


As an avid climber, I can’t recommend Butora shoes enough. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, they might just become your new favorite climbing companion.


1: Are Butora shoes vegan-friendly?
Yes, many of their models are!

2: How do they compare in price to other brands?
They’re typically more affordable without compromising on quality.

3: Can I use them for both indoor and outdoor climbing?
Absolutely! They excel in both environments.

4: How often should I replace them?
Depending on usage, typically every 6-12 months.

5: Do they stretch out after a while?
Minimal stretching can be expected, but it’s best to get the right size from the start.

I hope this review helps you in making an informed decision about Butora climbing shoes!


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